Audio Branding means sound logo, doesn’t it?
That, too, but it’s only one element of the brand sound.


How does our company sound? \\\ Does our brand sound match our new brand strategy? \\\ How can we appeal to the emotions of our new target group? \\\ Does the preferred music fit with our brand? With our film? With our campaign? \\\ Where do we find the right composer? \\\ This way to the answers …


Do we need an audio logo or a comprehensive audio branding strategy? \\\ What music would be best for the customers in the store? \\\ Does our advertising music add to our brand sound? \\\ What is there to hear in the brand space we are planning for our brand? \\\ Here is the strategy for you…


How does our brand sound as a melody? \\\ Do soundscapes consist only of sounds? \\\ Is an audio logo unchangeable or variable depending on the context? \\\ Do we have to book an entire orchestra for our symphony or for our event? \\\ Can we sell or give away our advertising jingle on iTunes? \\\ This way to the implementation…

Press Release: amp wins Red Dot: Grand Prix

amp wins Red Dot: Grand Prix for “fascinating gases”, a project for the Linde AG.

Hear a brand everywhere, anytime: BRAND RADIO.

amp start an offering for concept, realization, development and running BRAND RADIOS. You can find a small introduction to the topic brand radio on the microsite

amp wins ADC AWARD (Art Directors Club – Germany) in the category Audio Branding

We were honored with the most important prize of the German creative industry: The Art Directors Club for Germany (ADC) awarded amp with an ADC Award in the category Audio branding for the work “Audio Branding The Linde Group”.

amp is winner of Bronze Audio Branding Award 2012 in Oxford.

We won the Audio branding Award in Bronze in Oxford with our case study for The Linde Group.

Red Dot Award 2015 for “The Porsche SoundLab”!

We are, once again, proud winners of the Red Dot Communication Design Award, presented for highest design quality! We were presented this revered award for our project „The Sound of Porsche: Stories of a Brand – The SoundLab” for the Porsche AG in the category sound.

Member of the Audio Branding Society


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